MN 250

Refractory pan mixer

High mixing performance, excellent homogenity of mixture and high productivity are the primary features of the MN 250 forced-agitation mixer. A large-capacity mixing drum has a wear-resistant lining and the agitation blades which can easily prepare fresh mortar, fine concrete mixes, fire-proofing spray mixes,high-temperature concretes, glues, or dry powder materials, while they can also easily agitate, even over a long time, hard-to-agitate mixtures applied in the metallurgy and highly abrasive mixtures.

Technnical dimensions     Dimensions  
Pan cappacity 300 l   Lenght 1300 mm
Usable cappacity 250 l   Width 1100 mm
Output 4 m3/h   Height 1300 mm
Grain 32 mm   Weight 610 kg
E-motor 7,5 kW      

Plug Mennekes 6 1 pcs