P 82

Refractory continual mixer

 The PUTZOMIX P 82 continual mixer is designed for preparation of various kinds of mortars and concretes from dry mixtures.

 The mixture is filled into the mixer from either bags or a silo, or a suitable charger. The water dosing into the mixing tube is automatic and the amount of water is variable across a wide range. The machine features a modular design concept. Different combinations of the feeding and mixing shafts are able of accommodating a broad range of possible customer applications.

Technical specifications   Dimensions  
Filling height 1400 mm Lenght 2200 mm
Voltage system TNS 400 V, 50 Hz Width 740 mm
Output 3,6 m3/h Height 1400 mm
Grain 4 mm Weight 277 kg
E-motor 5,5 kW