PX 200 cast

The mixing and conveying unit PNEUMIX® PX 200CAST

We are glad that you have decided for the StrojstavCM and for its product - mixing
and conveying unit PNEUMIX® PX 200CAST.
This machine with very high performance is the disciple of more than twenty years old
tradition, which started the manufacture of the license production of Putzmeister's technology
in StrojstavCM
The mixing and conveying unit PNEUMIX® PX 200CAST is manufactured
according to the newest technical knowledge’s from the sphere of construction and safety of the
operators and it is the next of the successful line of the products of StrojstavCM. It is dedicated
for the manufacturing and conveying of solid and moistened concrete mixture and refractory
concretes. It is suitable for the using in the metallurgical industry at the production of the raw
iron for the concreting of the canals and outflows, at the production of steel for concreting of the
steel-plant pans, hoods, and so on. The machine can be used also in the building (construction)
industry at the concreting of base of building, floors and larger concreted areas.

Technical specification   Dimensions   
Output 4m3/h Height 1200 mm
Working pressure in the vessel 0,8 MPa Width 1400 mm
Maximum working pressure in the vessel 1,0 MPa Lenght 1400 mm
Freeding height 1500 mm Weight 860 kg
Useful vessel volume 200 dm3    
Geometrical vesel volume 250 dm3    
 Grain   16 mm    
Transport of mixture  prerušovaná    
Delivery distance      
horizontally 100 m    
vertikally 40 m    

 Conveying hose DN 63 á 10 m  1 pcs
 Tripod  1 pcs
 Coupling SKG 19  1 pcs
 Cleaning tool DN 63  2 pcs
 Greasing tool 125  1 pcs
 Key of electrical distribution  1 pcs
 Plug Mennekes 6  1 pcs