CM 40

Plastering machine

Light design, well-arranged positioning of the various components, simple operation and high mobility are the most essential features of the mortar mix pump CM 40. Employment of maintenance-free screw pumps enables even less qualified operators to efficiently work with the pump and minimise costs of the fresh mortar conveyance.  The machine’s lifetime is markedly extended thanks to the zinc-plated hopper finish. Wherever plaster, mortar or special mixes need to be pumped and high mobility retained, the CM 40 pump is an optimum solution.

Technical specifications   Dimensions  
E-motor 4 kW Lenght 1570 mm
Operating voltage 400 V, 50 Hz Width 570 mm
Electrical system TN-S 230/400 V, 50 Hz Height 575 mm
Input power 11,1 A Weight cca 120 kg
Type of screw pump standard D4    
Transport quantity standard 20 l/ min*    
Delivery distance max. 40 m*    
Conveying ducting pressure max. 3,0 MPa*    
Stirring shaft speed cca. 400 min-1    
Hopper capacity  40 l

Conveying hose DN 25 á 10 m 1 pcs   
Cleaning adapter 1 pcs
Plug Mennekes 6 1 pcs
Seal MDR 25 2 pcs
Cleaning tool DN 25 2 pcs
One side key 24 1 pcs
Greasing tool 125 1 pcs