CM 150i

Plastering machine

Synergy of the latest developments in design, operational safety, construction technology and designer’s creativity has yielded the plastering machine CM 150i as another member of the successful family of machines made by Strojstav. A reasonably rated hopper, a screw pump with extended lifetime and a drive with a continual speed change feature make this machine suitable for pumping applications involving any type of plaster, mortar or special mixes. With the use of a high-performance compressor and pneumatic or electric remote control, plastering work, with the CM 150i machine is a very comfortable activity. It is just the wide range of possible applications, low operating costs and high reliability that assure virtually immediate cost return of the CM 150i. 

Technical specification     Dimensions  
Hopper capacity 150 l   Lenght 2300 mm
Performance 6 - 40 l/min   Width 765 mm
Delivery distance max. 40 m   Height 650 mm
Drive invariable   Weight 180 kg
  variable (mechanical variator)      
E-motor 4 kW

Conveying hose DN 35 á 10 m 2 pcs
Air hose á 10 m 2 pcs
Corner plastering gun 1 pcs
Remote control 1 pcs
Cleaning adapter 1 pcs
Plug Mennekes 6 1 pcs
Nozzle 12,14,16,  total 3 pcs
Seal MDR 25 2 pcs
Key of electric distribution box 1 pcs
Cleaning tool DN 25 2 pcs
One side key 24 1 pcs
Greasing tool 125 1 pcs
Platering gun 1 pcs
Padlock 1 pcs