MN 151

Pan mixer

Where the common method of mixing is not sufficient and perfect agitation of a mix

is required, one simple solution is available: the MN 151 forced-agitation mixer. It

easily copes with the preparation of fresh mortars, fine concrete mixes, fire-proofing spray mixes, screeds, high-temperature concretes, as well as the preparation of dry powder mixes. It is beneficial for anyone who seeks high productivity combined with perfect agitation, whether in minor maintenance works or special works. This little

“miracle” does not rely on “voluntary gravitational” agitation, but uses a sophisticated agitation system of small moving blades, which guarantees the preparation of an absolutely homogenous mix in an exceptionally short time.   

Technical specifications   Dimensions  
Pan capacity 150 l Lenght 900 mm
Usable capacity 120 l Width 800 mm
Output 1,8 m3/h Height 1200 mm
Grain 16 mm Weight 150 kg
E-motor 2,2 kW    

Plug Mennekes 6 1 pcs